The Unobtainable Royal Collection

The Unobtainable Royal Collection Vol. 1
  1. One Vision (12' ver.)
  2. Blurred Vision
  3. Keep Passing The Open Windows
  4. Thank God It's Christmas
  5. I Go Crazy
  6. Man On The Prowl
  7. Under Pressure
  8. Soul Brother
  9. A Human Body
  10. See What A Fool I've Been
  11. Misfire
  12. Mad The Swine
  13. I Can Hear Music
  14. Goin' Back
  15. Earth
  16. Step On Me
  17. Blag
  18. April Lady
  19. Polar Bear
  20. I Want It All
  21. One Vision (alternative ext...)

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The Unobtainable Royal Collection Vol.2

  1. Stone Cold Crazy
  2. Breakthru
  3. Staying Power
  4. A Kind of Magic
  5. I Want To Break Free
  6. Back Chat
  7. A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling
  8. Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
  9. Machines
  10. Man On The Prowl (Ext.Ver.)
  11. Stealin'
  12. We Will Rock You (Rick Rubin Mix)
  13. We Will Rock You (Rick Rubin's R. Instr.Mix)
  14. We Will Rock You (Rick Rubin's Big Beat a Capella Mix)
  15. We Will Rock You (Rick Rubin's Zulu Sc. a Capella Mix)
  16. We Are The Champions
  17. Too Much Love Will Kill You (Freddie Vocals)
  18. Too Much Love Will Kill You (Piano Version)

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Vol. II (1)

Vol II (2)

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Blackthorne dijo...

millones de gracias por compartir estas colecciones!!!
se agradece muchooooooooooooo
que estes super bien!!!!!!!
me gusta mucho goin back!!!

El gran voodochildd dijo...

Muy buena, andaba buscando Soul Brother, muchas gracias

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