C-Lebrity (Queen + PR)

Personalmente no me gustó esta canción ... salvo las partes de guitarra de Brian

Ain't got no hope
Got no idea
What to do or why i'm here
Wanna get my face
On your tv
I wanna be heard
I want to be seen

Ain't got nothin, no, nothin
Nothing to show
Make me a celebrity

I want to be a face on tv
Then you can see
I'm a C-lebrity

Wanna get my features in magazines
See this creature on every street and every screen
Write my life story before i'm 21
I gotta tell the world
They may say i'm dumb
But i..

Ain't got nothin,no, nothin
Nothing to show
Make me a celebrity

Repeat Chorus

I wanna be a star yeah
In a broadway musical
Are ya gonna love me
Though i can't sing or dance at all
Everybody say, im lackadaisical
And if i was real good i'd stand no chance at all

Repeat Chorus

Then you can say
You knew me one day
Then you will see
I'm a C-lebrity

C C-lebrity
(i want to be a)
C C C-lebrity
(i've got to be a)
C C-lebrity
C C C C-lebrity

I want to be heard
I want to be seen on every tv screen.

2 opiniones:

El gran voodochildd dijo...

Personalmente a mi me gusto, y harto, lo que mas me gusta es que suena a algo nuevo

Ana dijo...

No, a mi no me gusto nada tampoco

Y la letra, en español es muy insulsa.

No, definitivamente no me gusta el nuevo "Queen"